What Is Equine Assisted Therapy?

Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) is all about the connection we share with both the horse, the environment, and the growth/learning process we have as a result. Within EAT, a licensed clinician guides you through life transitions, stressors, and challenges in partnership with a horse partner.

You may be facing overwhelming anxiety related to school. Maybe you are feeling sad and hopeless most of the time. There may be a multitude of life transitions happening at one time, causing you to feel stressed and overwhelmed. A horse can help with all of that.

You see, horses are a mirror, a reflection of what our internal process looks like. Horses are authentic beings without placing strain or judgment on the emotions we face. Horses do not condemn or judge, but they ask us to be true to ourselves. 

How Does It Work? 


When you come to Head, Heart & Hooves, we begin by exploring the primary reason(s) that you're struggling and difficult situations you're currently facing. 

We then learn about the herd and begin learning basic horsemanship skills in relation to our own bodies. This model, called biofeedback, allows us to learn that we can control our emotions and increase the awareness of our bodies individual reaction during stress, mental health crisis, and coping. 

We then take what we're learning and apply it to our everyday lives, integrating our work together from the therapist, horse, to the client.

EAT is much different from traditional talk therapy in that it is experiential in nature. That is, as well as working through current issues by talking them through and processing, we are actively working with our horse partner to apply skills and learn more about our bodies. 

In addition, you'll begin to develop a basic understanding of horsemanship and the connection we share between human and animal.

The best way to learn about EAT is to give it a try. Reach out and schedule a session to see if it is a good fit for you. 

I Don't Know Anything About Horses


That's absolutely fine! Whether or not you have experience with horses. EAT is more about the connection with our horse partner and applying these to our own lives. 

Do We Ride? 


Nope! This is a ground-based therapy model. If you're interested in learning riding techniques alongside our work together, we can connect you with Renegade Equine, the ranch where we are located!

Do You Take Insurance? 

At this time we are only private pay. We do offer sliding scale and/or charity care on a case-by-case basis.  

Is It Weather Dependent? 


We work rain or shine! Unless the weather is dangerous for our horse partner or ourselves, we will hold the session! There's a cozy barn for when it's chilly out, and open spaces to cool down when it's hot! Please come dressed appropriately for outdoor activities, no open-toed shoes (think going on a hike, etc). 

What Experience Do You Have? 


We've been working with horses for the last decade, at first starting with multiple horse rescues (Peaceful Acres Horses and Littlebrook Farm). Starting first in EAT through the EAGALA model and being an Equine Specialist. We found so much impact by the horse-human connection that our clinician went to graduate school specifically for Equine Assisted work. Now, we've got over five years of experience with private practice, developing and honing skills at Zuma's Rescue Ranch in Colorado before relocating to Bend, Oregon! 

For more information, check out the About page. 

I'm Interested, Now What?

That's great! Please reach out to us. You can text or call us at (541) 668 - 7683, email us, or send a chat on this website! We will schedule a Meet & Greet to get to know each other and see if this is a good fit. 

WAIT, You Didn't Answer My Question...

We love questions! Feel free to send it to us and we'd be happy to answer as best we can. 

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