What Is Equine Assisted Supervision?

Are you a Social Worker looking for Supervision in the State of Oregon? Whether you're an active Social Work (SW) Student, Registered Baccalaureate Social Worker (RBSW), Licensed Master's Social Worker (LMSW), Certified Social Work Associate (CSWA) or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Head, Heart & Hooves provides Individual and Group Supervision.

Equine Assisted Supervision (EAS) is all about the connection we share with both the horse, the environment, and the growth/learning process we have as a result. Within EAS, you will be sharing the same exploration process as it comes to your personal and professional lives as you would with a more traditional supervision model as required by licensure. 

The difference? We've got horses! 

Our supervision is applied from a social justice framework with a strengths-based perspective and feministic lens. Throughout our work together we will explore the potential intrinsic bias you hold and offer ways of working through it with an experiential process. 

We offer an experiential biofeedback model for all Clinicians to work, integrating the concepts learned "out of the barn and into the practice." We will explore triggers that are faced while working with clients. 

How Does It Work? 


Think about traditional supervision models for Social Work.. and you've almost got it. We take the traditional model of supervision and apply experiential activities and learning into the mix, exploring areas of professional growth as we partner with horses. 

Animal Welfare/Sentience


We feel it's crucial, as a Social Worker, to engage in humane education of the environment, animal welfare, and the human-animal bond. We recognize at Head, Heart & Hooves that these issues are integrated into the daily lives of the client's we serve at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Our supervision integrates these concepts into every session and works on ways to apply them to practice.

The Link


The Link is a broad definition that human issues are interconnected to animal issues. Did you know, for instance, that at least one person in 60% of pet-owning families being investigated for child abuse and neglect had abused animals? (DeVieny, Dickert & Lockwood, 1983, coloradolinkproject.com). Throughout our supervision we integrate the key concepts of The Link as is pertains to the elderly, children, domestic violence, and animal welfare. 

I Don't Know Anything About Horses


That's absolutely fine! Whether or not you have experience with horses. EAS is more about the connection with our horse partner and applying these to our own lives. 

Do We Ride? 


Nope! This is a ground-based supervision model. If you're interested in learning riding techniques alongside our work together, we can connect you with Renegade Equine, the ranch where we are located!

What does it cost? 

Individual supervision starts at $75 for current BSW/MSW students and $125 for licensed professionals. We do offer sliding scale and/or charity care on a case-by-case basis.  

Is It Weather Dependent? 


We work rain or shine! Unless the weather is dangerous for our horse partner or ourselves, we will hold the session! There's a cozy barn for when it's chilly out, and open spaces to cool down when it's hot! Please come dressed appropriately for outdoor activities, no open-toed shoes (think going on a hike, etc). 

What Experience Do You Have? 

We've been providing supervision for the last 3 years on an active and ongoing basis in Colorado before relocating to Oregon and having received permission from the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers. We're currently serving as an Adjunct Professor (MSW@Denver, Online) and Affiliate Faculty at the University of Denver Graduate School and Institute for Human-Animal Connection, respectively. A lot more information can be found on the About page. 

I'm Interested, Now What?

That's great! Please reach out to us. You can text or call us at (541) 668 - 7683, email us, or send a chat on this website! We will schedule a Meet & Greet to get to know each other and see if this is a good fit. 

WAIT, You Didn't Answer My Question...

We love questions! Feel free to send it to us and we'd be happy to answer as best we can. 

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