We are inclusive to everyone

You Matter.


At Head, Heart & Hooves Counseling, we believe strength comes from diversity

We take pride in differences across varying identities in regards to all forms, such as: identity, culture, ethnicity, religion, and many more. We believe in individual and collective differences. This difference is what makes us stronger as a whole. 

We aim to create a safe and healing environment that nurtures and fosters growth. Within this environment, you are safe to be yourself. Here, you're safe to express your unique identity, without strain or judgment. 

We will advocate for your self-growth, encouraging you to step into your own power; just as we encourage with the four-legged members of the community.  

Horse & Human Connection


Words matter. At Head, Heart & Hooves Counseling, we partner with our horses, we don't own, control, or force them to "do what we want." We allow each horse to choose their role within our program. We also pay attention to when they need a break and to simply be a horse. 

Each horse comes to us with a unique history, just as the human counterparts that interact with them on a daily basis. 

Too often, horses are utilized as "tools" for the outcome of different programs, whether it be related to riding, horsemanship, or therapeutic programs. Humans may benefit, but the animals may suffer. 

Each horse we partner with has something to teach us, to help us grow, and assists us in looking at the world through a different lens.

Horses have a powerful innate ability to demand authenticity within those who are working with them. Unlike a complicated human relationship, horses don't judge us for what we bring. 

Horses provide a safe place to explore our emotions, allowing us to process without strain or judgment. 

Safe Zone.


Here, you are safe to explore your identity. 

Here, you are safe to share your experiences.

Here, you are safe to be different.

Here, you are safe to heal, recover, and move through.

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