Head, Heart & Hooves Counseling is currently working with the founder of Renegade Equine, to launch workshops aimed towards helping professionals that integrates the concepts of our combined work:
  • Trust
  • Accountability 
  • Reflection
  • Grounding 
  • Partnership
  • Direction
  • Calm Confidence 
These workshops pair a professional equestrian with a professional equine clinician for development of professional skills, continued intrinsic awareness/development, and empowerment for helping professionals from social justice and feministic lens. Renegade Equine was founded by trainer Katie Dixon. Renegade helps equestrians build holistic connections with their equine partners to improve performance through an understanding of their natural behaviors. 

Continuing Education

Head, Heart & Hooves Counseling hopes to have Continuing Education Unit (CEU) opportunities available to the Bend, OR community and surrounding areas soon! 

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